Certain organizations don’t have to apply for a distributor licence and/or submit motion pictures for classification (rating), and certain types of screenings don’t require the content to be classified (rated) before being shown in a theatre.

Read the Motion Picture Act.
Read the Motion Picture Act Regulations.

If we determine that it is in the public interest, we may exempt eligible organization from needing to get motion pictures classified and/or applying for distributor licences, and we may wave certain fees.

Contact our motion picture classification team to request a film society exemption or a classification fee waiver.

What’s the scope of our mandate?

We are responsible for classifying all motion pictures shown in BC theatres and reviewing all Adult or Restricted DVDs sold or rented by BC retailers.

We don’t oversee:

  • private screenings
  • simultaneous broadcasts
  • television
  • video-on-demand
  • internet

Promotional screenings advertised by word-of-mouth do fall within our mandate because they are open to the public.

Encore exhibitions of simultaneous broadcasts fall within our mandate because they are pre-recorded.