By law, any person or business that provides travel services to the public needs a licence. Travel services include transportation, accommodation, or another service that is combined with transportation or accommodation. If you operate from a retail location or are home-based, you still need a licence.

There are two types of licences; one for travel agents and one for travel wholesalers/ accommodation providers. Your business model may need both.

What’s the difference?

  • A travel agent sells or provides travel services directly to the public but those services are supplied by a third party
  • A travel wholesaler either buys or gets the rights to resell travel services from a third party, or deals with travel agents or other wholesalers to sell travel services supplied by a third party

Read the Business Practices and Consumer Protection Act.
Read the Travel Industry Regulation.

How to get licensed: travel agent or wholesaler

You are required to provide the following to be licensed.

Licence application forms